Design & Installation

Do you want an aquarium that enhances your home or place of business? Are you looking for a peaceful viewing experience that fits your space and reflects the style of its surroundings? If you have a vision, Triad Reef Critters can bring it to life. Our experienced creative team will work with you to design the perfect aquarium from the ground up.

You can be as hands-on during the planning process as you want, or stand back and watch the magic. From the start—designing a unique tank shape and cabinet for your space—to the finish (choosing the right fish or corals), Triad Reef Critters will provide everything you need. Contact us for a consultation, and let’s create something beautiful.


Triad Reef Critters wants the set-up of a new aquarium system to be a seamless and worry-free project. Our professional installation team follows a streamlined process resulting in a complete saltwater aquarium environment upon their departure. This “just add fish” approach allows the client to focus on the next steps of selecting livestock once the aquarium environment is ready:

  • Delivery of Aquarium, Cabinetry & Equipment
  • Delivery or On-site Preparation of Saltwater
  • Installation of Substrates and Aquascaping of all rock and decorations
  • Preparation and Installation of all Aquarium Plumbing
  • Installation and Set-up of all Aquarium Lighting

Triad Reef Critters also offers installation of a variety of add-on equipment aquariums such as aquarium monitoring systems like the Neptune Apex, Reverse Osmosis /Deionization Systems, and other upgrades. If you have a pre-existing aquarium, we can update it with the newest technology to optimize the tank’s performance and health.

Please contact us with questions about your specific aquarium installation needs for more information.

what customers are saying about us

I've been going to Dexter for years, even before the store. He just loves the hobby and wants everyone to be able to enjoy it, so he keeps prices as low as he can. I support the business as much as I can... prices are good and selection is awesome. They have everything you need and the most up-to-date advances in the hobby. They are always seeking the best vendors, and the livestock shows that. Their tanks are very wall cared for.

— Bradley Vaughn

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