Why Triad Reef Critters?

Our Vision:
To bring the peace of the ocean into the homes and businesses of the Triad.

Our Culture:
Excellence: I provide excellent service and products to my customers. I always greet, smile, and listen to my customers. I am focused on having the customer always leave with a smile and a positive experience after each visit. I stock healthy, vigorous, and vibrant livestock specimens for my customers, which they should confidently introduce and display in their aquariums. I offer quality products that I confidently stand behind to support my customers' aquariums.

Integrity: I encourage customers to purchase what they need to provide the optimal environment for their aquarium but do not push items that are not needed. I provide realistic, honest expectations of cost and commitment needed in guiding customers to the selection of their equipment items and compatibility of livestock to ensure their success.

Success: I have a genuine desire to see my customers succeed, grow, and prosper. My customers’ continued success provides the loyalty and relationships on which our company was built and will continue to flourish.

Cleanliness: I provide a clean, healthy, and safe environment for our livestock. I maintain a clean and safe place for myself and my teammates to work. I will maintain a clean, attractive, and enjoyable shopping area for my customers. All of these are essential for me to provide superior specimens and products for my customers’ aquariums.

Teamwork: I am a team player. I cooperate with my teammates to achieve our goals. I am flexible and willing to change if a method is not working. I recognize when I need help and ask for it.

Knowledge: I recognize times when I do not know the answer and willingly seek advice and information. I adapt and adjust my guidance and training to meet the needs of each individual customer's experience level. I continue to educate myself about the aquarium industry through research, reading, and personal experiences.

Professionalism: I dress and speak professionally at all times and present myself neatly and politely to all my customers.

Fun: I create a fun and positive experience for myself, my customers, and my teammates in all things I do.

what customers are saying about us

Excellent inventory!!! Great owners and knowledgeable staff... shout out to Justin! And ... the most important feature of the store is ... my new friend OSCAR! He is adorable!!!

— Jay Pea

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